Wunderlich R1200GS Performance Controller Installation

Wunderlich R1200GS Performance Controller Installation

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The Wunderlich Performance Controller (Power Controller) is a derivative of the Techlusion R259 TFI units for earlier BMW motorcycles and is made by Techlusion (Dobeck) for Wunderlich.

Wunderlich produce the Performance Controller for the following BMW motorcycle models: R1200GS, R1150GS, R1100GS and R850GS


What is it?
This clever electronic device allows the rider to adjust the amount of fuel delivered at any riding situation in order to optimise the response and performance wherever the potential for improvement exists. Inherent lean mixtures, sluggish response and slow transition from cruise to rapid acceleration and the dreaded surging can all be dialled out.

When fitting performance parts such as free flowing air filters, larger air ducts, sport collectors, open exhausts, camshafts and any other tuning measures that require the addition of fuel in order to really benefit from them. Changing fuel octane rates or fuel qualities as well as high altitudes all require different fuel amounts (with old bikes you would change the main jets, raise the needle etc to achieve this), the Performance
Controller lets you adjust for the best performance for all those eventualities. As the Performance Controller only adds fuel there is no danger of damage to the engine.

Features 6 adjustment ranges, with three large adjustment buttons (can be adjusted with gloves on) and a waterproof casing. The Performance Controller is easily plugged into the existing wiring loom using simple connectors (no cutting or modifying loom) and manages to get more out of the 4V Boxer even with base settings dialled in. The extremely compact case (84 x 50 x 10mm) is easily stowed away on the bike

See how it works – Wunderlich  Performance Controller programming demo
(‘Flash’ demo opens in new window/tab)

Wunderlich Performance Controller Installation/Setup Instructions (4.8 mb PDF)

R1200GS Installation

Pretty straight forward, some careful routing of the cables, connecting the BMW OEM connectors that the unit is supplied with and choosing a safe location for the controller itself. I chose to locate the power controller unit in the tool tray under the riders seat (as recommended by Wunderlich) but others have mounted it against the back of the airbox by/above the battery.

The Wunderlich Performance Controller…

Instructions – The unit is supplied with instructions in Geman, download the English version here.
Also take a look at the instructions for the Dobeck Performance TFI / Techlusion unit (they produce the Performance Controller for Wunderlich) which are a little more informative – here

Remove the tank side panels, plastic main/front panels and the metal panels – no need to remove the fuel tank.

TIP: Before doing the final fix (securing wiring/cables with cable ties/tape etc) check connections and that the unit operates by starting the bike – you should see the ‘scrlling’ effect across the LEDs 1 to 8 before solid green only for LED1 (see the How It Works link above;-)
NB: The instructions mention that if LEDs 1 and 8 flash alternately (Red/Green) there is a fault – they should mention that this is normal with the ignition ‘on’ but the engine not running. When the engine is started the ‘check mode’ should run for a few seconds before LED1 becomes constant green.

Original (larger/higher resolution) versions of the photos below can be seen here.

One small critisism of the Wunderlich unit is that they haven’t used the rubber boots/covers on the connectors to the injector valves – I pulled back the spiral insulation tube and wrapped some self amalgamating tape round the wires/top of the connector before replaceing the spiral tube…

And the photo below shows the connector in place and how I routed the cables/wiring up over the airbox from the left side of the bike to the right-hand side of the bike. The next time I remove the tank I’ll be able to route/secure the cables better…

Photo of the right-hand side below. Take care routing the controller cable along the frame or the seat won’t fit properly (there are rubber ‘feet’ on the underside of the seat that sit on the fame when the seat is fitted – route your wiring/cables wrong and the seat won’t lock into position)…

Oxygen (O2) sensor connections – the two connectors from the Wunderlich Performance Controller…

And the Oxygen (O2) sensor connectors on the bike – clearly showing which end not to disconnect!! (see below for explanation!)…

The male and female plugs connect via a ‘connecting’ block (the next photo shows this disconnected at both ends to make this clear) – you need to disconnect the plug that faces the rear of the bike

And the same connector on the Wunderlich cabling – to disconnect the connectors use a small flat bladed screw driver to lift the securing tab arrowed…

Tip – you may need to cut the cable tie shown below to give some more slack in the OE wiring/cables (left-hand cylinder, front underside). Secure in place with a new cable tie when you’re done 😉

Everything connected and cables tidied up as well as possible…

NB: The bike’s ECU (computer) needs to be reset once you’ve finished.
# Disconnect the battery negative lead for 30 seconds or so
# Reconnect and turn the ignition on (do NOT start the bike)
# Open the throttle from fully closed to fully open – repeat twice
# Switch the ingnition off 

And finally, the controller unit sat in the tool tray – again I’ll tidy up and secure it with the velcro sticky pads once I’m happy with the installation.

Job done 🙂