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Information for Motorbike Riders, Motorcyclists in general plus specific resources and information for BMW R1200GS and Ducati MTS1200 Motorcycle owners. Motorcycle rider resource – BMW R1200GS and Ducati Multistrada 1200 owners resource.

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Free information and resources for all motorcyclists (bikers:-) / motorcycle riders with specific information for owners of BMW’s superb R1200GS motorcycle. General How to’ & FAQ section on motorbike maintenance, servicing etc. and specific articles for R1200GS owners including the R1200GS ‘How to’ & FAQ section. Motorcycle Info Pages primarily provide an information archive for BMW R1200GS motorcycle owners. An archive of FAQs, servicing tips, performance mods, tuning info, info on aesthetic mods, guides on installing parts and accessories, ‘how to’ articles, features on owners bikes and much more here for easy access by R1200GS WEF 01May2010 I started the resource pages for Ducati Multistrada 1200 owners!

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UPDATE: 15 Jan 2020
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After my motorcycle accident June 2006 I became more conscious than ever of the dangers of motorcycling and the issues relating to the prevention of motorcycle accidents / crashes, rider and motorcycle safety, motorcycle rider training etc. As a consequence I hope for the Ride Safe, STAY SAFE section of this site to be of benefit to as many riders as possible and maybe contribute in some small way to reducing injuries and fatalities for motorcycle riders. Ride safe…..stay safe!!

I decided to create this website to help other bikers find the information that I’ve trawled the Internet for since buying my 2005 R1200GS and more recently my Ducati Multisrada 1200. Much of the content here is a compilation of information that I’ve found from so many different sources. I will however make this clear and give links to the source where I first found the relevant information. (wef May 2010 the same applies for my new bike the Ducati Multistrada 1200). Feel free to suggest new content or let me know of ‘articles’ you may have written yourself and would like to submit for inclusion here.

In addition to R1200GS and Multistrada 1200 information I will include general motorcycling related info, in particular content relating to motorcycle rider safety after my accident June 2006 (I was still ‘wearing’ a Taylor Spatial Frame on my left leg 15 months later!). Other content will be listed under the heading General Bike Stuff. There will also be some small amount of content relating to one of my favourite bikes the Suzuki SV1000.

My latest bike, brand spanking new June 2010, Ducati Multistrada 1200S Sport fresh from the Ducati Dealer and not long out the factory in Borgo Panigale, Italy!

….the Beemer, sold May 2010, my BMW R1200GS – photo April 2008

The Ducati Forum UK – Everyone is welcome. Ducati owners, fans, enthusiasts or anyone wanting a chat! Multistrada 1200 owners – join the Ducati Forums UK where you’ll find lots more information and discussions relating to the MTS1200.

BMW GS owners – your ‘one stop shop’ for a wealth of information, help & advice on
all aspects of GS ownership – www.ukGSer.com

…and the Suzuki SV1000…….still missed several years on! 🙁

SV Owners – another great forum with wealth of information, help & advice on all aspects of SV1000 / SV650 ownership – www.sv-portal.com

And finally my last website (now passed on to a forum friend to maintain/archive)
Thanks for visiting, hope you’ll find the site of interest and useful.
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