Great Roads, Great Rides

…everything you need to know to enjoy the best and safest riding on UK roads. From advice on riding techniques to  what to do if you’re first on the scene of a crash. The DVD is an essential reference tool to be kept and referred to again and again.

Great Roads, Great Rides DVD – video extract…

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(…Ever heard the term ‘willy-wig’? it means “Where You Look Is Where You Go”. A Biker should look at where he needs to go, not at what he needs to avoid…)

“Enjoy the freedom of the open road, but do it safely” – that’s the message
to motorcyclists as the Highways Agency launches a new DVD safety package aimed at bikers. The Highways Agency is an executive agency of the Department for Transport. It manages, maintains and improves the network of trunk roads and motorways in England on behalf of the Secretary of State.

Called “Great Roads, Great Rides”, the new (July2006) DVD takes riders step by step
through everything they need to know to enjoy the best and safest riding on UK roads.

It has 14 chapters covering everything from advice on basic maintenance checks and what kit to wear; through to how to read and negotiate the road, how to ride safely with a group, and what to do if you’re first on the scene of a crash. The DVD is designed as an essential reference tool to be kept and referred to again and again.

Techniques such as aerial photography and bike mounted cameras, together with running commentary and interviews with experts, guide riders on what to look for and how to find the safest position on the road.

Among the features is an exclusive interview with British Superbike star Tommy Hill, of Team Virgin Mobile Yamaha, who will be helping the Highways Agency to officially launch the DVD at the British Superbike meeting at Oulton Park, Cheshire, on Saturday July 22.

In his interview, Tommy talks about what it takes to be an expert rider on and off the track, including making effective use of tyres, braking and weight

Tommy said: “It is important for riders to use their heads and know the
difference between racing on the track and riding on the roads. This fantastic DVD is great for learning more about being safer and enjoying the time you spend on your bike.”

The Minister for Road Safety, Dr Stephen Ladyman, said:

“Biking is a great pastime and becoming increasingly popular, but there are
still too many accidents. No matter how seasoned they are, many riders will have experienced a ‘life or death’ moment. Knowing what to do in a crisis, whether it’s being first on the scene of a crash or knowing the correct line for overtaking or handling a sharp bend, this will give riders the edge and help
them stay safe.”

The Highways Agency worked closely with bikers and road safety experts to
gather advice, information and best practice for the DVD. “Great Roads, Great Rides” is backed by the THINK! road safety campaign’s Academy, the Driving Standards Agency and police motorcycle instructors.

Stuart Lovatt, Safety Action Plan Co-ordinator, said:

“When we were planning “Great Roads, Great Rides”, we wanted it to be like
having your best mate alongside you every step of the way, and because it’s in DVD format you can go back and refer to it again and again. Members of motorcycle groups, safety experts and many others contributed their time and expertise to the project, and we’d like to thank them all for their support.”

Among those involved, members of the Cleveland Motorcycle Training Scheme gave up their free time to appear in many of the filmed sequences of “Great Roads, Great Rides.”

Advanced instructor Dean Charnley said: “The Group Riding section was
brilliant. I’ve not seen that done before. I felt that it was pitched at the
correct level – not talking as if ‘we know better’ but to bikers – and they will
listen because of this.”

Cleveland Police Traffic Section supported the chapters on Security, Keeping
your Licence and Crash Scene Management; and ensured that the roadside filming was carried out safely and with minimal disruption to traffic.

Chapter 5, “Reading the Road”, uses aerial shots filmed from a helicopter
supplied by the Northumbria Air Support Unit. Aerial footage was crucial to show correct road positioning, adding a new perspective that riders will find

Within the chapter, a rider is shown safely overtaking a 7.5 tonne truck,
which was provided by the Fin Machine Company. The truck and a bike are used to demonstrate the correct positioning and sequence to follow when overtaking both UK and foreign lorries.

Knowing how to “ACT” if you are first on the scene of an accident could mean the difference between life or death. In Chapter 8, Crash Scene Management, a crew from the Great North Air Ambulance help to show how motorcyclists can Access (A), Communicate (C) and Treat (T) an injured rider at the scene of a crash.

Virgin Yamaha’s Tommy Hill Stars In New Film! ( July2006)

Team Virgin Mobile Yamaha’s lead rider stars in a new DVD aimed at helping reduce casualties on the road. The DVD will be officially launched in Team Virgin Mobile Yamaha’s hospitality facility at Oulton Park, Cheshire, tomorrow lunchtime (Saturday 22 July) at the ninth round of the British Superbike Championship.

The “Great Roads, Great Rides” DVD is a reference manual for riders and gives them all sorts of advice including; how to carry out basic maintenance at the start of the season to negotiating turns and bends on the roads in all weathers.

Launched by the Highways agency this weekend, the DVD features an exclusive interview with Team Virgin Mobile Yamaha’s Tommy Hill about what it takes to be an expert rider on and off the track.

Tommy Hill said: “I was thrilled to be asked to get involved with the Great roads, Great rides” project. It is so important riders use their heads and know the difference between riding on the road and racing on the track. Hopefully this DVD can help to reduce casualties on our roads.”