MCN BMW R1200GS Adventure Review (2006-current)

MCN BMW R1200GS Adventure Review

2006 BMW R1200GS Adventure review by
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New price£9,755
Engine size1170cc
Top speed130mph
Insurance group14
 MCN ratingsOwners’ ratings
Overallrating is 4rating is 4
Enginerating is 4rating is 3.5
Ride & Handlingrating is 4rating is 3.5
Equipmentrating is 4rating is 4
Quality & Reliabilityrating is 4rating is 5
Valuerating is 4rating is 4

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MCN overall verdict

This is the last word in round-the-world can do. With a monstrous 33-litre tank, grunty motor, shaft-drive and excellent reliability in all climes and conditions the R1200GS Adventure redefines the giant trailie class. And it is a giant – at nearly a quarter of a ton fully-loaded and with a lofty 910mm seat only the brave or foolish will venture far from the tarmac.


MCN rating      rating is 4
Owners’ ratingrating is 3.5

The new 1170cc, Boxer twin SOHC motor is taken from the company’s best-selling R1200GS. It’s powerful, torquey and well-geared for effortless cruising at motorway speeds. The gearbox is pretty indifferent; clunky, with the odd false neutral, especially from second to first. Sixth is no longer the overdrive it was on the older 1150GS Adventure, instead the ratio is a normal accelerative gear.

Ride and Handling

MCN rating      rating is 4
Owners’ ratingrating is 3.5

On the road the Adventure belies its weight and height and handles lightly and surely, though it takes a while to get used to the slightly detached feeling the front Telelever suspension produces. The servo-powered brakes are too powerful off-road, but work well on it, providing you swap the Continental Twinduro tyres to more road-biased items like Bridgestone’s Battlewing.


MCN rating      rating is 4
Owners’ ratingrating is 3.5

As stock the Adventure already drips with off-road protection like bash plates, hand guards and crash bars. There’s ABS, a sat nav system and heated grips as optional extras along with a selection of hard and soft luggage.

Quality and Reliability

MCN rating      rating is 4
Owners’ ratingrating is 5

Apart from an early recall over a faulty ABS switch the Adventure seems blessed with the same indefatigable reliability as its predecessors. The exhaust is fully stainless, the motor unstressed, the shaft drive is hassle-free and BMW owners tend to keep their bikes in good condition and regularly serviced.


MCN rating      rating is 4
Owners’ ratingrating is 4

There’s no such thing as a cheap GS and you can look forwards to high prices and high residuals for a very long time.

Model History

1999: R1150GS – 85bhp, 229kg, six-speed gearbox, twin headlights.
2002: R1150GS Adventure released – 253kg, bigger tank, taller suspension.
2004: R1200GS – 100bhp, 199kg, more powerful Boxer motor, new chassis.
2006: R1200GS Adventure – new model.


 Top speed 130mph
 1/4-mile acceleration 12.5 secs
 Seat height890mm
 Fuel capacity33 litres
 Average fuel consumption41mpg
 Tank range 300 miles
 Insurance group14
 Engine size1170cc
 Engine specification8v Boxer twin, 6 gears
 FrameTubular steel trellis
 Front suspension adjPreload
       Rear suspension adj  Preload, rebound
 Front brakesTwin 300mm discs
 Rear brakeSingle Disc, ABS Optional
 Front tyre size120/70 x 17
 Rear tyre size180/55 x 17