Ride Safe, STAY SAFE!

Ride Safe, STAY SAFE!

Think! – Motorcyclists are more likely to be injured in fatal crashes, or those that cause serious injuries, than car drivers. THINK! helps bikers and motorists be aware of the dangers. http://think.direct.gov.uk/motorcycles.html

BikeSafe is a police led motorcycle project that is run by most forces throughout the UK. The main aim is to reduce the number of bikers being hurt on the roads. We think that riding should be fun and by improving skills, knowledge and hazard awareness it will hopefully make riding safer and more enjoyable. http://www.bikesafe.co.uk/

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TIP: UK riders – European travel – European Health Insurance Card
Planning to head into Europe somewhere?…..check your European Health Insurance Card, they expire!…..and you don’t get any notice 😉
Go here to apply / renew (free): www.nhs.uk/NHSEngland/Healthcareabroad/EHIC

 Motorcycle ‘Rider ID’ from VITAL ID – Motorcycle Safety “Rider ID” is a two part system that allows you to carry your essential I.D, medical details and a record of contacts for emergency services to call should you be involved in an accident….[more]

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What can an RAF pilot teach motorcycle riders about road safety?

HELI BIKES Motorcycle Safety Initiative

RoadAwareness.org – run by Canadian road safety specialist, public speaker and tireless campaigner on issues that effect safety on the roads, Shaun de Jager. Shaun is dedicated to making roads safer by educating all road users about road safety and advocates advanced skill training. As a former race car driver, advanced driving instructor, motorcyclist, and journalist, Shaun brings years of diverse experience to the automotive and motorcycle communities.See also Shaun’s other site: www.shaundejager.com  

Uk Motorcycle Rider Safety

In the UK motorcyclists represent just 1% of road users but motorcyclists are involved in a vastly disproportionate number of the road traffic accidents that occur on our roads (and no doubt similarly worldwide) often with the rider sustaining serious injuries or being killed. Too many of the accidents and crashes on our roads involve a motorcycle!

Despite forming only 1% of road traffic in the UK, motorcyclists account for around 20% (almost one in five) of road deaths and serious injuries. In 2005, 569 motorcyclists were killed on the road, 5,939 were seriously injured and just over 18,000 were slightly injured (NB: I’m looking for more recent figures if anyone can help.)
In 2008 21,550 motorcyclists were reported casualties on UK roads. Of these unfortunate incidents, 6,049 motorcyclists were killed or seriously injured.
[In 2008 in Britain there were 230,905 road casualties, in which 2,538 people were killed and 26,034 seriously injured!!]

I say accidents, a large percentage of the motorcycle accidents and fatalities, involve no other vehicle and are, plain and simple, down to rider error – crashes not accidents really!  Rider error – simple things such as failure to judge the severity of a corner, not planning far enough ahead, not spotting potential dangers and adjusting riding style to suit conditions.

Despite the myths about poor car drivers, in nearly two thirds of the Essex motorcycle deaths the motorcycle rider was found to be at fault.”
(source: BikeSafe pages, Essex police website)
We are vulnerable to other road users inattention, we can have “an off” due to diesel on the road and many other reasons (excuses sometimes?!). But at the end of the day there is so much we can do for ourselves to sway the odds back in our favour.

First Bike on Scene (FBoS) is a nationally available course to offer essential life saving skills to motorcyclists.
The ‘First Bike on Scene’ course has been specifically designed to provide the knowledge and skills needed to deal with the initial management of a patient involved in an RTA. Bikers will be encouraged to give casualties necessary basic life support in the event of an accident whilst waiting for emergency services to arrive [more]

I was involved in a nasty motorcycle accident June 2006 and 11 months later I am still unable to walk unaided and still have a Taylor Spatial Frame on my left leg (more CT Scans scheduled for 29May2007 when I hope there will be good news at last) – I count myself as lucky!………I still have the leg………I’m alive!!!
I’ve posted a few photos here as a gentle reminder of our vulnerability!

Links to Other Road Safety Sites on the Internet


A Street, A Track, An open Road
This DVD has been put together in response to an unusually high number of motorcycle fatalities and accidents (2004/2005). Instead of lecturing people on safety we wanted to present motorcycle training as fun and essential for people of all abilities [more] (includes 4 movie clips from the full DVD)

Avoid the 5 most common motorcycle crashes
Advice from RoSPA – How you can avoid the 5 most common motorcycle accidents.
Riding a motorbike safely requires both skill and judgement. These are the reasons that many of us ride bikes. The successful use of these abilities makes us feel good and we are keen to be the best. [more]

Bike Safe
BikeSafe is an initiative run by Police Forces around the United Kingdom who work with the whole of the biking world to help to lower the number of motorcycle rider casualties…..[more]

IAM motorcycling Facts
Latest report from the IAM – Motorcycling can be the riskiest way to travel. For every kilometre travelled, a motorcyclist is ???fty times more likely to become a casualty than a car driver. This latest IAM study reviews and reappraises the risk. It analyses 150,000 motorcycle casualties over seven years, highlights where and when motorcyclists are most at risk and explains why they become casualties…[more]

IAM – Institute of Advanced Motorists / Motorcyclists
Our team of trained IAM Qualified observers are all volunteers willing to pass on their knowledge and experience to new associate members. Each associate is allocated an observer. The date and time of Observed rides are arranged mutually between the observer and associate…………[more]

ICE – In Case of Emergency
A campaign encouraging people to enter an emergency contact number in their mobile phone’s memory under the heading “ICE” (i.e. In Case of Emergency)……[more]
NEW – Joining ICE can save your life

MeKey– USB I.C.E ID Dog Tags for Motorcyclists
MeKey manufactures and sells USB Dog Tags designed for bikers. MeKey tags provide a practical and fashionable way to carry personal identification at all times with medical and health related information to assist the emergency services in case of an accident…..[more]

Reflective Vests, Stickers, Bike Decals etc
Self explanatory really….a few links and product suggestion to help you be seen out on the road…..[more]

Motorcycle Helmet Safety performance Ratings
Motorcycle helmets – testing and ratings ~ get the right fit ~ advice [more]

RoSPA (Rider training)
You realise that road and traffic conditions are becoming increasingly complex, and machines and riding requirements are constantly changing. Being a good rider means that you never stop learning. Becoming a better rider involves reviewing and adapting your skills to keep pace with change and ensuring that you get the best out of your bike rather than letting it get the better of you! [more]

SMIDSY – “Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You” – Why Do Car Drivers Fail To See Bikes?
Explanations of this all too common ‘effect’ and what you should consider doing to avoid SMIDSY’s. Includes a great must see video that’s funny despite the subject and should be broadcast on TV! [more]

I made Eye contact with the other driver – A salutary tale of a true life experience where apparently the bike was ‘invisible’ to the car driver….you can’t rely on making eye contact! [more]

DEKRA Motorcycle Crash Tests! – Motorcycle / Motorcycle Rider Safety
DEKRA Motorcycle Crash Tests on video and DEKRA article on motorcycle collisions [more]

Trackday Based Training
I’m not referring to your basic day on the track where you sign up, pay your money and go for it after a short ‘safety’ talk – I mean track based training where you are given guidance and feedback and get to ride with an instructor in tow. A great way to get to know your bike better in relative safety and improve your bike control and riding technique. [more]

FBOS – First Bike On Scene – First Aid Training for Motorcyclists / Bikers
The ‘First Bike on Scene’ course has been specifically designed to provide the knowledge and skills needed to deal with the initial management of a patient involved in a road traffic accident (motorcycle accident / crash). Bikers will be encouraged to give casualties necessary basic life support in the event of an accident whilst waiting for emergency services to arrive…..[more]

First Aid course for Motorcyclists (Training)
This first aid course, run by St John Ambulance, has been developed with motorcyclists in mind.  It covers CPR, rescue breaths, crash helmet removal and other necessary first aid skills.  It gives students the confidence to know what to do at the scene of a motorcycle accident. [more]

Basic emergency first aid at the roadside
Here’s some advice from the Bikesafe website which was written by Alick Wheeler, a qualified EMT and First Aid Instructor. Alick has been teaching / practising First Aid / Ambulance Aid in the UK and abroad, to adults and children, for over 20 years. [more]

What to do at a motorcycle accident scene
We all recognize that there are risks in this sport that we love, and there are ways to help minimize the damage done if you or fellow rider taste pavement. That being said, please take 10 minutes out of your busy schedules, and please give this a read…it is simply a “WHAT TO DO IF YOU ARE AT THE SCENE OF A BIKE ACCIDENT” post

Why Motorcycles Appear To be Invisible! ……….sometimes
Well one explanation is a principle called ‘Motion Camouflage’ which may explain why motorcycles / motorcyclists / bike riders appear invisible to car drivers in certain circumstances [more]

NB: Check out the Messages You Can’t Ignore section for more ‘videos’ with a message!