Suzuki SV1000 Stuff

I owned a Suzuki SV1000S for just short of 3 years (2003 – 2006) and still miss the bike sometimes now but a ‘shot’ back and a little pressure from swmbo led me to the R1200GS (Update: May 2010 – thanks to bike crash compensation money [irony!] I bought a Multistrada 1200!). If finances would have allowed I would have loved to keep the SV as well but c’est la vie! (funnily enough as great as the MTS1200 is I wish I’d been able to afford to keep the GS12 as well!)

Here you’ll find a few odds and sods left from my days running as I no longer have direct access to that webspace – see the menu items listed on the left.

Misc SV1000 stuff

My K3 Suzuki SV1000S

GSXR1000 Rear Shock Install

SV1000’s Galore!

Chewy’s Accessories

Hamicad Accessories

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SV1000 Real Life Review

DIY Rear Fender Replacements

GSXR1000 Rear Shock Install

Exhaust Header Cleaning

SV1000 Scottoiler Install

SV1000’s galore!

Chewy’s SV1000S – SV996R!

Meta 357T V2 Motorcycle Alarm installation instructions
Needless to say I’m not going to make these installation and operating instructions available to and old Tom, Dick or Bike Thief! Only available to members of that I know or can verify through, or other forums I frequent.