FS365 Protector Spray - by Scottoiler


by Scottoiler

FS365 motorcycle protector


Year round protection from rust and corrosion for your motorcycle!

Protect your bike from road salt with FS 365 Protector Spray. Did you know that road salt residue is left on the roads all year round and is EVEN MORE corrosive in warmer temperatures! (AndyW - always wash your bike with cold water never warm!)
FS 365 Protector protects your bike ALL YEAR ROUND


Protect your motorcycle with FS365 - stop rust and corrosion

FS365 Product Details
FS 365 Protector Spray is a blend of mineral oil, surfactant, anti-corrosion additives and water which forms a stable micro-solution that can only separated by evaporation.FS 365 is water soluble and therefore inherently biodegradable, it clings to all surfaces lubricating and preventing the onset of rust. FS 365 is an MCN PRODUCT OF THE YEAR


Andy Downes from MCN says "I rinse my CBR600 after every ride then spray on some FS 365 Protector. It partially evaporates, leaving behind a protective film. The film neutralises any salt and stops the rot. I've used it for a year, it's a fantastic addition to my garage & I've not seen a hint of rust.

John Millbank from RIDE magazine says "It's incredibly quick and easy to apply, and lasts amazingly well. I've always used WD40 before, which is good, but
does tend to leave a bit of a sticky residue. This stuff is worth applying all year round, keeping your bike looking great and also protecting it from the road salt that can still be around deep into the summer.

FS 365 Protector neutralises the corrosive effects of road salt and keeps your bike looking like new. Available in 1 Litre triggerspray and 5 Litre Re-fills.

AndyW - I've used FS365 for several years on a number of different motorcycles and been continually impressed. You do need to reapply from time to time particularly after riding in the wet but that takes just a few minutes to do. Once the bike is cool/cold I decant FS365 to a 'pump up' garden sprayer which makes it quick and easy to apply and reach all nooks and cranies of the bike.
I've even been known to take the handy 1ltr FS365 spray bottles on trips with me!.....that may look sad but it was worth doing! (lots of salt!!)


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