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R1200GS Stuff Updated 06Feb2014
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Motorcycle Safety PSAs & TV Campaigns

Major updates will be listed below in date order, latest first within each section.

General Bike Stuff

20Nov2012 New Motorcycle Video Page
06Jan2011 New VentureShield Paint Protection Film - care advice
05Jan2011 New Motorcycle Electrics, FAQ and 'how to'
23Mar2010 New Motorcycle Engine Oil Frequently Asked Questions
02Mar2010 New Motorcycle Tyre Guide & Safety Information
16Oct2008 New Motorcycle Manuals & Parts Fiche
05Feb2008 New Motorcycle Number Plates and the law
04Sep2007 New How to become a Cleaning Freak...
22Aug2007 New Breakdowns Abroad - key phrase translation sheets
8May2007 New Picking up a dropped bike
06May2007 New Snippets (Tips & Tricks;-)
05May2007 New Cleaning your bike :-0
04May2007 New Motorcycle Links - resources and help
02May2007 New It's up to you - HAVE YOUR SAY!
02May2007 New Find the lowest petrol prices in your area 
sub-category   GPS & Sat Nav (+GPS Tutorials sub category)
05Nov2012 Updated Geotagging Photos using a Garmin GPS
05Apr2012 New Motorcycle Travel, Tours & Biking Holidays
28Jan2012 Updated Motorcycle Ride Routes section
11Mar2011 New Motorcycle GPS SatNav System Installation
12Feb2011 New Garmin Zumo 660 Cradle modification
30Mar2010 New Choosing a Motorcycle GPS Sat Nav System
30Mar2010 New Sharing Your GPS Tracks & Sat Nav Routes
20Mar2010 New Garmin Sat Nav Systems - Zumo 550 & 660 Compared
16Feb2009 New WinGDB GPS Software Utility
26Oct2008 New BMW GPS Drawing challenge (inc demo videos)
18Oct2008 New Glossary of terms - GPS, SatNav & Maps
18Oct2008 Updated Garmin MapSource Resources & Tutorials
17Oct2008 Updated Garmin Zumo Page
16Oct2008 New TYRE TomTom GoogleMaps GPS Route Mapping Utility
06Oct2008 Updated On Route - motorcycle route / trip planner
01Aug2008 Updated Garmin Zumo resources and links
11Jan2008 New MapSource Waypoints fron National Grid references
07Jan2008 Updated GPS SatNav World Maps
16Dec2007 New GPS, PhotoMapper & Google Earth
30Oct2007 Updated Creating GPS encoded photographs for free
30Sep2007 New ITNConv - GPS maps & format conversion utility
17/Sep2007 New Zumo Startup Splash Screen Images
28Aug2007 New Garmin GPS Security Screw
13Aug2007 New Ram Mount Security (Ram mount lock)
26July2007 New Garmin POI (Points of Interest) Loader
04May2007 New GPS & Sat Nav Resources
sub-category   'How to' & FAQs
17Apr2010 New Motorcycle Tyre (Tire) Puncture Repair Advice
11Jan2008 New Make Your Own Heated Handlebar Grips
26Oct2007 New HID Lighting - Installation
19May2007 New Meta 357T V2 Motorcycle Alarm installation instructions
17May2007 New Cleaning Spoked Wheels
10May2007 New Suspension Setup Notes
10May2007 New Suspension setup explained
10May2007 New Suspension linkage check
Ride Safe, Stay Safe!
28Feb2014 Updated Bikesafe Shows
12Feb2014 Updated FBOS - First Aid Training for Motorcyclists / Bikers
11Jul2013 New What an RAF pilot can teach us.....
09Apr2013 New Anatomy of a crash
01Nov2012 New HELI BIKES
27Oct2012 Updated Trackday Based Training
24Oct2012 Updated Take longer to look for bikes!
23Sep2012 New Motorcycle 'Rider ID'
01Sep2012 Updated Messages You Can't Ignore (road safety related videos)
01Sep2012 Updated First Aid course for Motorcyclists (Training)
28Apr2012 New ICE-help
13Feb2012 Updated Why motorcycles appear to be invisible!
25Aug2011 Updated ICE - In Case of Emergency
28Jun2011 New Blue Light Aware
10May2011 New I made eye contact...
17Mar2011 Updated BikeVis Unique LED Motorcycle Lighting
13Jan2011 New TyreSafe - Motorcycle Tyre Advice
14Jun2010 New Motorcycle Helmet Safety performance Ratings
14Apr2010 New Protect Your Hearing!
06Apr2010 Updated Reflective Jackets, Vests, Bike Decals etc
05Mar2010 New Safer Biking Video by SRSP
04Mar2010 New KSI Info & SRSP
03Mar2010 New IAM Motorcycling Facts
03Mar2010 Updated Ride Safe, Stay Safe intro page
17Apr2009 New Road Safety Campaign - "'Give motorcyclists a 2nd thought"
09Apr2009 New Biker Tagz - ID Tags for Motorcyclists
10Nov2008 New The Day You Went To Work (aka Loosing Control)
27Sep2008 New Great Roads, Great Rides DVD
27Sep2008 New The Day You Went To Work video
27Sep2008 New Biking Videoes section (revision of site content)
01Jun2008 New Speed Limits - Road Safety Campaigns
05Feb2008 New DEKRA Motorcycle Crash Tests!
08Dec2007 New A Street, A Track, An Open Road
17Nov2007 Updated SMIDSY - Sorry Mate I Didn't See You
17May2007 Updated BikeSafe (Rider training)
02May2007 New What to do at a motorcycle accident scene
02May2007 New Basic emergency first aid at the roadside
01May2007 New IAM (Rider training)
01May2007 New Avoid the 5 most common crashes
01May2007 New RoSPA (Rider training)

Ducati MTS1200 Stuff

24Feb2014 New Ducati Museum virtual tours
23Feb2014 New Multistrada 1200, R1200GS and XT1200Z comparison
23Feb2014 New Interviews with Andrea Forni, Ducati's Technical Director
21Feb2014 New Millbrook 'Skyhook' suspension test
15Feb2014 New Oil Filters
14Feb2014 New Affetto Multistrada 1200 'special'
09Feb2014 New 2013 Ducati Multistrada & comparison to the 2010-12
06Feb2014 New MWR Performance & High Efficiency Air Filters
05Feb2014 New 2013 Ducati Multistrada 1200 Pikes Peak – First Ride
31Jan2014 New TPO Parts
17Aug2013 New Improve brakes - ABS bleed mod
25Jul2013 New Ohlins suspension SCU / ECU upgrade
06Jun2013 New MTS1200 airbox modifications
05Jun2013 New MTS1200 Croatia Trip
23May2013 New Flamingo Corse Ducati Parts
13May2013 New Ducabike Ducati parts & accessories
09May2013 New Oberon Performance parts & accessories
08May2013 New Conquest Carbon Ducati parts & accessories
21Apr2013 New Ducati pannier locks
15Apr2013 New Intobikes Ducati products & accessories
11Apr2013 New SuperSprox sprockets
30Mar2013 New DIY screen spacers 'how to'
30Mar2013 Updated Multistrada 1200 Motorcycle GPS Mounting Project 4
28Mar2013 New Carbon parts for the MTS1200
14Mar2013 Updated Photo albums and video collections pages
17Jan2013 Updated Andy's Custom Multistrada 1200 / MTS1200 bits!
10Jan2013 New Featured Bike - Motovation Tricolore MTS1200
19Nov2012 Updated Multistrada Video Collection
25Sep2012 New Featured Bikes - Piero's MTS1200
18Sep2012 New Make your own wind deflector wings
05Sep2012 New Oz Wings Development, Concept to Reality
04Sep2012 New C Spanner Plus
16Aug2012 New Engine/Front Valve Cover Guards
15Jul2012 New Belts & Valves, Checks, Adjustment, Replacement
11July2012 New 1003 Miles to Barber Motorsports Trackday
10Jul2012 New PUIG Screens
29Apr2012 Updated Multistrada 1200 Electronic Keyless Fuel Cap Install
05Apr2012 New MTS1200 Tail Tidy - Pillion Grab Rail Removed
04Apr2012 New DMA MTS1200 Racks & Backrests
02Apr2012 Updated Multistrada 1200 Scottoiler eSystem Install
01Apr2012 New Zumo 550 (any GPS;-) Techmount GPS Mount Install
29Mar2012 New Dr. Greg's Multistrada 1200 totalled!
27Mar2012 New Bursig MTS1200 Motorcycle Stand
26Mar2012 New Access to or Removal of the Engine Management ECU
23Mar2012 New MTS1200, 10,000 miles, 1 year report
20Mar2012 New Featured Bike - JP's MTS1200 'Special'
16Mar2012 Updated Multistrada 1200 Exhausts Systems
15Mar2012 New Leo Vince decat install
14Mar2012 Updated MTS1200 Full Termignoni Exhaust 'Stubby' Conversion
12Mar2012 New Aztec Screen Adapters / Spacers
02Mar2012 New MTS1200 ProTaper ATV bars
01Mar2012 New Speedohealer
09Feb2012 Updated Andy's MTS1200 Custom Bits (page1)
05Feb2012 New PP Style MTS1200 Carbon Screen
04Feb2012 New Andy's MTS1200 Custom Bits (page2)
03Feb2012 New Misc Multistrada Accessories & Parts
27Jan2012 Updated MTS1200 'Snippetts' (tips & tricks;-)
26Jan2012 New MTS1200 Aux Fuse Panel/Power Distribution Installs
25Jan2012 Updated Ducati Multistrada 1200 MTS1200 Online Resources
08Oct2011 Updated MTS1200 Engine Oil & Filter Change
06Oct2011 New Motografix Motorcycle Graphics / Decals
05Oct2011 Updated MTS1200 Ohlins Suspension - Rear Shock Spring Change
24Sep2011 Updated Multistrada 1200 Rear Brake System Bleeding
11Sep2011 New Multistrada 1200 review by an ex 'sportsbike' rider!
11Sep2011 New GSessories TailGunner Top / Tail Case
09Sep2011 New FC HandleBar Clamp with GPS mount
08Sep2011 New Multistrada 1200 Downloads Instructions & Other Docs
05Sep2011 New MTS1200 Rear Shock Spring Change
01Sep2011 Updated Multistrada 1200 - Removal / Refitting Handlebars
31Aug2011 New Had some fun on the Multistrada 1200 today...
31Aug2011 New MTS1200 Headlight Adjustment
08Aug2011 Updated Multistrada 1200 - dual dip / high beam modification
30Jun2011 Updated Ducati Multistrada 1200 Ohlins / DES Suspension Info
22Jun2011 Updated Service, Parts & Accessories
22Jun2011 New Modifications, Accessories & Parts
22Jun2011 New Ducati Experience report
14Jun2011 New 5 days, 1956 miles...
01June2011 New CarbonWorld MTS1200 Carbon Parts
31May2011 New MTS1200 - Fitting DP Clear Tank Protectors
26May2011 New MTS1200 - Fitting Radiator / Oil Cooler Guards
26May2011 New Ducati Terminology
24May2011 Updated Ducati Multistrada 1200 Drive Chain Adjustment
20May2011 New Multistrada 1200 Motorcycle GPS Mounting Project 3
26Apr2011 New MTS1200 CDT Carbon
19Apr2011 New MTS1200 Air Filter - check & changing
12Mar2011 New MTS1200 CalSci Screens
12Feb2011 New MTS1200 custom GPS power lead
11Feb2011 New MTS1200 Italian road test / review
11Feb2011 New Genuine Ducati Yellow MTS1200
10Feb2011 New HID Light conversion (take 2)
10Feb2011 New Review after 6 months ownership
08Feb2011 New Multistrada - Giro Del Mondo In 80 DOC
07Feb2011 New Paolo visits the Pacific NorthWest
31Jan2011 New Multistrada Timbuktu Challenge
26Jan2011 New MTS1200 Thailand/Malaysia
22Jan2011 New MTS1200 / Ducati Engine Numbers & VIN Codes
22Jan2011 Updated Ducati MTS1200 Multistrada 1200 Specifications
21Jan2011 New Multistrada 1200 Workshop Manual
21Jan2011 Updated Multistrada 1200 MTS1200 Technical Data and Info
20Jan2011 Updated Multistrada 1200 Stebel Magnum Horn Installation
19Jan2011 Updated Ducati Multistrada 1200, MTS1200 Photo Galleries
13Jan2011 New Centre Stand Removal & Fitting
13Jan2011 Updated Centrestand Fix / Modification
07Jan2011 New Living with the Multistrada 1200
04Jan2011 Updated MTS1200 Abba Motorcycle Stand
04Jan2011 Updated Termignoni Exhausts, A Bit of History...
03Jan2011 New Scorpio Alarm Installation
03Jan2011 New Stebel Nautilus Horn Installation
03Jan2011 New Servicing & Maintenance Section
02Jan2011 New LED spotlight installation
02Jan2011 New HID headlight conversion
02Jan2011 New New section - Multistrada 1200 electrical stuff
30Dec2010 New Multistrada 1200 Arrow Exhaust System Install
06Oct2010 Updated Multistrada 1200 Photo Galleries
23Aug2010 Updated Ducati Multistrada 1200S 'DES' Suspension
19Aug2010 New Multistrada 1200 Motorcycle GPS Mounting Project
02Aug2010 New Palmer Products MTS1200 Motorcycle Accessories
23July2010 Updated Ducati Multistrada 1200 Test Ride by Ducati 1098 Owner
07July2010 New VentureShield® Paint for Ducati Multistrada 1200
01July2010 Updated Pikes Peak Track / race prepared Multistrada 1200
22Jun2010 New Multistrada 1200 factory pannier reflective decals
21Jun2010 Updated MTS1200 Reviews, Test Reports & Articles by Owners
20Jun2010 New Ducati Multistrada 1200 - Thumbs up Enduro Mode!
14Jun2010 New 4100 miles, 8 States, 11 days
04Jun2010 Updated Ducati Dealers (UK)
03Jun2010 New Ducati Accessories - price lists
03Jun2010 New Klaus - MTS1200 track day / cornering school
03Jun2010 New The first ever Ducati Multistrada 1200 tyre (tire) change
30May2010 New My "ultimate" Multistrada 1200S test ride
30May2010 New Ducati Multistrada 1200 Rocky Mountains Ride
27May2010 New RAM-B-367 GPS RAM Mount - Multistrada 1200
27May2010 New 2010 Ducati Multistrada 1200 - Press Release
25May2010 New Multiistrada 1200 MTS1200 - How to disable ABS
25May2010 New Ducati Multistrada 1200 MTS1200 GPS / Sat Nav Info
23May2010 New Installing an Auxiliary Power / Fuse Panel
22May2010 New Preview of the Ducati 1200S Multistrada
17May2010 New Ducati Multistrada 1200 GPS SatNav Mount Installation
17May2010 New First Impressions - Multistrada 1200
17May2010 New Featured Bikes - Ducati Multistrada 1200 MTS1200
17May2010 New Bayliss Replica Ducati Multistrada 1200S
17May2010 New Multistrada 1200 Track Day Shots
06May2010 New Scottoiler Installation Advice
06May2010 New First Ride Test - MTS1200 vs R1200GS
05May2010 New MTS1200 Multistrada Owners Map
01May2010 New Ducati Multistrada 1200 Information Resource

Bikers & 'Charity'

24Oct2012 Updated Martha Care (Bikers & Charity)
29Mar2012 New Riders In The Sky (RITS) Annual Charity Fund Raising
22Mar2010 New John O’Groats to Lands End - Fund Raiser
13Sep2009 Updated Bikers & 'Charity' page
29Jun2009 New R1200GSA Robot rider Enduro Africa fund raiser
11Feb2008 New Ride to support Spinal Research
11Feb2008 New British Orthopaedic Association
17Nov2007 New Freewheelers - Riding for Life

BMW & R1200GS Stuff

06Feb2014 New MWR Performance & High Efficiency Air Filters
28Mar2013 New Carbon parts for the R1200GS
21Nov2012 New MaMo GS-M modified R1200GS
04Nov2012 Updated GS-911 BMW Diagnostic Tool
28Oct2012 Updated Featured Bike: ECM Custom R1200GS
22Aug2012 Updated R1200GS Model Changes 2004 to 2007
30Apr2012 Updated R1200GS failed fuel pump controllers...
10Mar2012 New R1200GS Aero screen
06Mar2012 New R1200 DOHC / ESA / DDC articles
12Sep2011 Updated R1200GS Accessories, Parts & Servicing
10Sep2011 New GSessories TailGunner Top / Tail Case
06Mar2011 New R1200Gs DIY Zumo mount bracket
08Sep2010 New Auxiliary Fuel Tank Install
30Mar2010 Updated R1200GS Front Engine Cover Corrosion
17Mar2010 New BMW R1200GS Alternative Engine Oils & Other FAQ
08Mar2010 New 3 new featured GS's by Panda Moto 89
24Feb2010 New Featured bike - Frank W's RENNKUH R1200GS
25Feb2010 New Stahlkoffer BMW Motorcycle Panniers
23Feb2010 New History of BMW Boxer Twins
16Feb2010 Updated Brochures, Catalogues & Other Downloads
14Feb2010 New BMW R1200GS Motorcycle Battery Care & Information
15Jan2010 New R1200GS photos and videos pages
15Jan2010 Updated BMW R1200 R1200GS Fuel Pump Controller Bypass
13Sep2009 New Earthmover R1200GS in the quarry! (Featured Bikes)
30Aug2009 New BMW R1200GS Tyre (Tire) Puncture Repair
30Jun2009 New DynoJet PCIII USB Information &Installation Guide
18Jun2009 New BMW R1200GS Photos
15Jun2009 New R1200GS Gear / Neutral Indicator Failure
05Jun2009 Updated R1200GS Links - resources and help
04Apr2009 New BMW R1200GS (R1200) motorcycle CANbus system
01Apr2009 New BMW R1200GS Sparkplugs - recommendations & information
25Feb2009 New BMW R1200GS Servicing Tips & Extra Information
24Feb2009 New BMW R1200GS Vario Panniers - modifications & extras
16Feb2009 New 2008 BMW R1200GS - What's different
16Feb2009 New Rusor's Red Baron - 2008 R1200GS Adventure
16Feb2009 New Laurens' R1200GS Wunderlich Special
15Feb2009 Updated R1200GS Information Resource
20Dec2008 New Crazy Pink R1200GSA (Featured Bikes section)
21Oct2008 New BMW Motorcycles - The Weird & Wonderful!
16Oct2008 New Motorcycle Manuals & Parts Fiche
11Oct2008 New BMW Motorcycle Name History
03Jul2008 Updated BMW GS Owners Websites
06Jun2008 New BMW - their contribution to the world of motorbike suspension
29May2008 New R1200GS Tool Kits - BMW Tool Kits
07Feb2008 New History of the BMW Roundel
10Sep2007 Updated BMW GS Series - a brief history
01Sep2007 New GS Owners map
01June2007 New BTBR Light Fitting Service
29Apr2007 New Specifications
sub-category   Reviews
10Feb2010 New MCN BMW R1200GS Adventure Review (2010-current)
09Dec2008 New Bike mag - R1200GS group test July 2008
23Nov2008 New 2008 BMW R1200GS and Adventure Review
18Nov2008 New 2006 R1200GS versus 2008 R1200GS Adventure
03Apr2008 New 2008 R1200GS / GSA Ridden
07Feb2008 New TWO - All Rounders: BMW R1200GS, CBF1000F & Tiger 1050
09Nov2007 New BMW R1200 GS - Mossy Rides (2007)
16Oct2007 New Motorcyclist - 2005 R1200GS Review
15Oct2007 New Rhisiart talks about his latest bike the BMW R1200GS
10Oct2007 New 3 new R1200GS reviews added
04May2007 New Kevin Turner takes the "short way round"
29Apr2007 New R1200GS review intro page
29Apr2007 New MCN and Telegraph reviews
sub-category   'How to' & FAQs
28Jan2012 Updated GPS Sat Nav Power Connection
04Jan2011 Updated BMW R1200GS Engine Oil & Filter Change
16May2010 New BMW R1200GS Adventure Rox Bar Risers Install
12May2010 New R1200GS Magnetic Tank Bag Mount
23Mar2010 New Motorcycle Engine Oil Frequently Asked Questions
11Mar2010 New BMW Motorcycle Performance 'Boost' Devices
01Mar2010 New ACCELERATOR - boost your BMW boxer engine!
02Mar2010 Updated BMW / Castrol Engine Oil - Q&A
24Feb2010 New R1200GS BOS exhaust fitting
14Feb2010 New BMW R1200GS Motorcycle Battery Care & Information
14Feb2010 New BMW R1200GS Motorcycles - Jump Starting
15Jan2010 Updated BMW R1200 R1200GS Fuel Pump Controller Bypass
30Aug2009 New BMW R1200GS Tyre (Tire) Puncture Repair
16Apr2009 New Boxer Boost Camshafts (Cams) for the BMW R1200GS
14Apr2009 Updated Changing brake pads (cleaning calipers)
09Apr2009 New BMW R1200 GS Rear Wheel Carrier / Brake Disk Flange
20Mar2009 New BMW R1200GS Steering Damper Install
20Mar2009 New EWS Failures & Information
25Feb2009 New BMW R1200GS Servicing Tips & Extra Information
09Dec2008 New How to Maintain Your BMW R1200GS
23Nov2008 Updated Technical Data Torque settings, Wiring Diagram, Maintenance Schedules etc
20Nov2008 Updated R1200GS - What tyres? (Tyre reviews and tests)
04Nov2008 New BMW R1200GS to R1200GS Adventure Fuel Tank Conversion
29Oct2008 New Beak & Tank Panels removal
23Oct2008 New R1200GS Stebel Magnum horn installation
23Oct2008 New R1200GS / R1200 Throttle Body Sync
22Oct2008 New R1200GS / R1200 24000m Service
14Aug2008 New R1200GS Extended Warranty & Warranty Insurance Policies
03Jul2008 New Autocom install in top box
11Jun2008 New Wunderlich R1200GS Performance Controller Installation
14Feb2008 New Hella FF50 Spotlights - R1200GS Engine Bar Mounting
14Feb2008 New GPS SatNav Power Connection (2)
08Feb2008 New Motolights riding lights R1200GS installation
07Feb2008 New R1200GS - Marc Hyman's R1200GS pages
12Jan2008 New DIY hugger alternative
12Jan2008 New DIY Rear fender (mud guard)
26Oct2007 New HID Lighting - Installation Guide
25Oct2007 New Fuel tank filler neck mod
24Sep2007 New Additional auxiliary power socket
17Sep2007 New Wilbers Front Shock installation (R1200GSA)
16Sep2007 New Wilbers Rear Shock installation (R1200GSA)
04Sep2007 New R1200GS Info
04Sep2007 New R1200GS Dave D's 'How to' articles
24July2007 New Waterproof Your R1200GS Rear Light Electrics!
01June2007 Updated "Crud Catcher" 2b or not 2b? (R1200GS splash guard)
19May2007 New Front Wheel Removal Tool
17May2007 New R1200GS Cleaning Spoked Wheels
14May2007 New DIY Accessory Socket & Switch Panel
12May2007 Updated Final Drive Oil Change
11May2007 New DIY mudflap & side panels
10May2007 New Fitting Hepco & Becker Crashbars (engine bars)
05May2007 New BMW OEM Alarm Programming
01May2007 New Renthal Bars - Installation
01May2007 New Renthal Bars - fitting OEM bar end weights
01May2007 New 'How to...' list
30Apr2007 New Fiche & Parts Directories


Recommended Stuff

20Feb2014 Updated Recommended Products intro page
23SSep2012 New Motorcycle 'Rider ID'
24Jan2012 New Carcoon Bikebubble - motorcycle storage system
06Oct2011 New Motografix Motorcycle Graphics / Decals
13Sep2011 New Micheldever / Protyre motorcycle tyres
10May2011 New USB ICE Biker Tags
26Apr2011 New CDT Motorcycle Carbon Fibre Parts
15Apr2011 New 'Just Helmets' Motorcycle helmets
17Mar2011 New BikeVis Unique LED Motorcycle Lighting
16Mar2011 New CalSci Motorcycle Windshields / Screens
30Jan2011 New ULTIMATE Bike Gear
23Jan2011 New Motorbike Adventures Motorcycle Products
06Jan2011 Updated VentureShield® Paint Protection Film
04Jan2011 Updated Abba Motorcycle Stands
05Sep2010 New Fuzeblocks
22Jun2010 New Motorcycle factory hardbag / pannier reflective decals
12May2010 New ROX Handlebar Risers & Other ROX Products
16Apr2010 New ultimate Hearing Protection Systems
25Feb2010 New Stahlkoffer BMW Motorcycle Panniers
15Jan2009 Updated Bridgstone Tyres
12Dec2008 Updated Autoglym Motorcycle Care Products
20Nov2008 New BMW R1200GS - Bridgestone Motorcycle Tyres
30Jun2008 New BMW Maintenance DVD (R1200GS section)
23Jun2008 New Shaw Stainless Fastener Kits
14Mar2008 New Icon mil Spec high visibility motorcycle vests
12Mar2008 Updated Gadgetguy - GPS, SatNav & 'Gadget' Mounts
19Feb2008 Updated BykeBitz motorcycle accessories
08Feb2008 New BMW Maintenance DVD
27Nov2007 New ACF50 Corrosion Block
27Nov2007 New FS365 Protector Spray
25Sep2007 New Custom Aluminium Luggage Cases/Panniers Systems
26/07/2007 New Migsel Innovative Accessories (Updated 15Nov2007)