Multistrada 1200 review by an ex 'sportsbike' rider! '46vale46' aka Mike

Quick biography: I've had bikes since I was 16, had all manor of brands and styles. I had a '98 748 SPS back in 2001, my previous ride was a '08 Fireblade, FAST as **** but boring once the novelty wore off. I've even built a few custom bikes, I built a Harley chop last year,even got it in a magazine!

Mikes Harley chopper

I have a 125 pit bike that I ride with my son who's 7 he has a PW50, had it since he was 4! :D
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Multistrada 1200 Review

It all started early May 2011 when one of my mates bought an MTS1200S Touring.....I have to admit I was incredibly jealous, happy for him too, but oh so Mr Green!

I was having a dilemma, I really wanted a more user friendly bike that I could do some 'comfy' miles on - I don't mean trips to the south of France or anything just the ability to ride a couple of hundred in a day without needing traction at the end of it. What I wanted was a 'sit up and beg' sports bike with some fairing protection....the MTS1200 was ticking all the boxes.

The thing was, I really loved my 999S but the 1200 Multistrada really appealed......of course the cost might be an issue!......but where there's the will there's a way!!...beginning of July 2011 and Look what I bought :-0

Mike has a Multistrada 1200S Touring :-)

I found an amazing deal on a second hand Multistrada 1200S Touring that was well looked after.

30Aug2011 - I've had my Multistrada 1200 for a couple of months now, so I thought I would review it from an ex sports bike riders point of view.

I don't do touring, off roading or commuting, I ride purely for pleasure, it's my Sunday hack so to speak.

It has taken me a while to really trust the front end when cornering, but it is coming to me. It still feels miles away, but coming from a 999 it would. I still haven't decked the pegs out which is good, considering I normally knee slide around roundabouts. I haven't even started to hang off as I feel comfy sat straight up.

I use the different modes all the time, I thought I would be in Sport all the time, but in reality I use Urban and Touring all the time. I find the Sport mode to aggressive, when I say this, I mean Touring for a spirited ride on the road works just fine.
As an example, I went for a ride yesterday and on my way home, I picked up the pace a bit. Now I don't know how all of you ride, but I like to get a move on when coming out of corners or off roundabouts, on my 999 I always felt in control, I knew how to get the best out of it, and knew what it would do with input I gave.
On the Multi, here's the surprise. When I'm coming out of the corners or off roundabouts, the thing just picks up the front wheel at will in 2nd and 3rd gears, the damn thing doesn't even wait till I've straightened up! It's been a while since I whooped out load while riding, but the Multi has me doing this on a lot of occasions. Oh and all this happens in Touring mode!

Mike's black Multistrada 1200

The motor is a gem, it has so much torque where you need it. I wouldn't say you could beat a good sports bike rider when "on it", because the top speed is less, and where a race rep has top end rush, the Multi has it all else where.
The brakes are really good, not awesome but very good, and more than up to the job, (lets not discuss the rear brake). The screen is still under trial, I'm experimenting with different positions, low seems to be best so far.

One of the biggest differences between the two types of bikes is, when I come home from a ride out, on the sport bike I would be knackered, on the Multi, I could turn around and do it all again....almost. The seating position is great, however I have for years leant forward, so no pressure on the base of the spine, this is the only complaint on the comfort side. I have the touring comfort seat fitted because the profile is better for us short arses, 29" inseam. This hasn't been a problem as such, although I have had to change my riding kit purely for the extra stretch to the floor.

In my quest to get my feet on the deck, I have changed boots from sports to a sport touring boot, which has less armour than my Sidi Vertibrae. I now wear Puma Desmo V2 boots, very comfy with a lot more flexibility, I can point my feet at the floor, where the Sidi had the armour at the rear which prevented full extension. The Puma still have good protection with the added bonus of Goretex.
Also I have had to ditch my leathers as they had no stretch panels in the groin area, and this prevented me swinging my leg high enough to clear the seats. I am in the process of choosing a quality pair of textile's with armour.

You see how easy all you tall people have it! lol

Mine still has the standard tires fitted and so far when they wear out, I'll put another set on because they are great, and are wearing well, should see 5K out of them.

Bits I don't like, hmmmm..........nope can't think of anything.

Areas that could use improvement: Ok the bodywork like others has a few gaps, mine being black doesn't show up as much, so I don't notice that often.
The rear brake is utter rubbish, no it's a disgrace, won't pass a Mot that's for sure.
Mine has a tiny bit of hesitation at 3000rpm, it's not bad, but I'm being critical here so worth a mention.
The chain is crappy, I have a Scotoiler fitted and the links on the opposite side are looking a bit rusty already, a bit of maintenance needed.

Do I miss 999S? Yes, every time I see another one, do I miss riding it? No, not a bit.

If you are still reading, you have probably guessed that I am very impressed with my bike, If you are a sports bike rider and are thinking of switching for comfort alone, its worth it, if you are after a sports tourer, its worth it. Is it a sports bike? No, but it does a bloody good impression of one.

89 out of 100 would be a fair score, loses out because I want a rear brake.
[AndyW] Speak to your Dealer, not an official recall but Dealers are fitting a revised rear Master Cylinder kit under Warranty for owners complaining of a poor back brake ;-)


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