BMW Motorcycles - the Weird & the Wonderful!

I have a feeling that there's plenty of strange, weird and wonderful BMW motorcycle stuff out there and plenty of odd-ball R1200GS stuff going on!
Contact me if you have seen something ;-)

R1200's Fly High!
Apparently BMW R1200 motorcycle engines make particularly good power units for light aircraft / home build aeroplane (airplanes):

BMW R1200 motorcycle engine powered aeroplane (airplane)

Light aircraft using BMW R1200 motor BMW R1200 engine adapted for use in a light aircraft / aeroplane / airplane BMW R1200 powered light aircraft

R1200GS "madness"! :-) (general BMW motorcycle weird & wonderful stuff further down)

RoboGSman - robot R1200GSA rider
New device to discourage 'tailgaters' :-)
Actually the 'wrong way round' GS riding robot is part of a charity fund raising event [more]

Interesting use of the BMW R1200 motor - prrtable water pump for Fire Services
Water pump for fire services powered by a BMW R1200 motorcycle engine
Tech spec and more info

Amother pink R1200GS, this time with a 'Barbie' theme :-0

Pink BMW R1200GS 'Barbie' motorcycle

...and somewhat more attractive although not a GS I've added this next one just 'cos I liked it :-) See here in the Featured Bikes Section for the R1200GS 'Pink Special'

Pink 'Barbie' KTM and suitably attired female rider :-)

A new twist on an old idea
Pilots of the old open cockpit planes knew all too well that being tucked in behind a propeller saved them from the wind's forces. Why not try that idea on a BMW...after all BMW did start as an airplane engine manufacturer.

R1200GS wind protection propeller - now you see it... R1200GS wind protection propeller - now you don't :-)

The force of the wind, sends the propeller in motion. The wind turbulances are then sent elsewhere. As with planes, once the propeller is in motion (starting at about 30 km/hr) it is no longer visible.

BMW R1200GS 'Zebra' :-0

R1200GS camouflage paint job - R1200GS Zebra

A bad case of 'function' over 'form' (imho!)

R1200GS Aeroflow and Saeng combination

BMW Motorcycles - The Weird & The Wonderful

See addtional and larger versions of these images here

What were the BMW marketing boys thinking when they came up with this one.......and what market sector were they aiming at?!
No comment!!! :-)

....who said vibrator?! :-0


Weird BMW concept motorcycle

Weird - BMW K1200S Duolever front suspension

BMW K1200S Duolever front suspension

Weird but kinda cool...
The IMME 1200 is based around the BMW R1200 engine

The IMME 1200 concept bike is based around the BMW R1200 engine

Wow.....I like this!!
Canjamoto BMW R1200S Scorpion 'concept' bike

Canjamoto BMW R1200S Scorpion 'concept' motorcycle

....and this!
another BMW concept bike this time from Beutler

Beutler concept BMW motorcycle

See addtional and larger versions of these images here

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