Sandbar Composites - superior carbon parts for your BMW motorcycle

Sandbar Composites carbon parts for BMW motorcycles

BMW motorcycle carbon replacement parts
- fairing panels, trim panels, guards and many more parts...

Born out of the frustrations of dealing with the lack of availability and low quality of carbon fibre parts for BMW motorcycles, notwithstanding the outrageous costs of the original OE BMW parts Nigel Wood accepted an offer from Julius Ilmberger in the early part of 2004 to be the UK Agent and Distributor for Ilmberger carbon parts. As a result Sandbar Composites Ltd was formed in March 2004, with the aim of supplying a comprehensive range of top quality carbon fibre components for Aprilia, BMW, Buell, Ducati, Harley Davidson V-Rod and latterly the 2005 Suzuki GSX-R range.

Sandbar Composites also supply SICOM ceramic brakes and HPE exhaust systems.

Sandbar Composites Carbon fibre parts, ceramic brakes and exhaust systems

BMW R1200GS Carbon Parts

Sandbar Composites also supply carbon parts for the majority of other modern BMW motorcycle models.

Carbon parts for the BMW R1200GS

Sandbar Composites / Ilmberger carbon parts for the BMW R1200GS

Here's a few examples of the many high quality carbon parts available for the BMW R1200GS (all models)

Carbon fibre 'beak'
R1200GS carbon beak / nose

Carbon fibre front fender / mudguard
R1200GS carbon fibre front fender / mudguard

Carbon fibre handlebar hand guards
R1200 GS carbon hand guards

Carbon fibre rear splash guard "crud catcher"
R1200GS splash guard

Carbon fibre hugger
R1200GS carbon hugger

Carbon fuel tank panels
R1200GS carbon fuel tank panels / side fairings

for lots more carbon parts for your BMW R1200GS

BM<W R1200GS carbon parts

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