Amazing new cleaning tip.. and its not Clit Bang

: 'Den' 11/04/2007
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Amazing new cleaning tip.. and its not Clit Bang  (external link)

Ok folks prepare to be amazed.
Another great cleaning tip using ordinary household products

Are you ready? Are you sure you're ready ??

OK here it is.
When you are in the mood to 'poof-up' your trusty steed and remove those nasty marks that live twixt rim and spokes. (don't be embarrassed .. we all have them). Get yourself a bit of string and some toothpaste.
Wrap the string round the spoke a couple of times .. apply a blob of toothpaste .. and moisten slightly ( good word ... moisten).
Pull string back and forward ..side to side.
Repeat several times times as necessary....You will be amazed by the result.

Here are some b4 and after photies.

R1200GS alloy wheel corrosion

Corrosion where the spoke enters the alloy wheel rim Clean R1200GS wheel rim

Cleaning R1200GS spokes and wheel rims

You can order a complete kit by phoning and giving me your card details:-)

This offer is not available in the shops ...( well ... it is really)

TIPS by AndyW:
Applying the same process as the string trick above - use strips of rag soaked in WD40 to clean your spokes.

It's worthwhile polishing wheel rims with a quality auto polish from time to time - they'll be easier to clean and the polish will help keep corrosion from starting anywhere the paint / lacquer finish is damaged.

Spray ACF50 or WD40 around the spoke entry points on the wheel rim so that it enters the rim - wipe off all excess so that it doesn't get on your tyres!


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