R1200GS DIY Hugger Alternative

See also: DIY Rear Mudguard / Fender

Many riders don't like huggers for various reasons, if you're an avid off roader in particular there's the risk of mud clogging between the tyre and the hugger as a result of which the hugger will bust at some point. John's article provides some good ideas on an alternative to a hugger, giving protection to the rear shock and keeping some dirt/spray from the back of the rider's legs.


Wunderlich R1200GS rear shock splash guard

AndyW - update Jan2008: Looks like Wunderlich have pinched John's idea. A few months back now they introduced their Internal Rear Hugger better described as a Rear Splash/Shock Guard.

The Splash/Shock Guard protects the rider and the bike from dirt, mud, water and stones thrown up by the rear wheel.
It provides effective protection for the rear shock absorber, which lies directly in the path of the water and dirt stream (stone damage and subsequent rust on the shock absorber rod will cause leaks and premature shock failiure.)
The guard protects the shock, frame, rider and passenger legs without disturbing the overall design of the bike. The guard is made of tough thermoformed ABS plastic.
Will not fit with any make of rear hugger
Fits: R1200GS / R1200 Adventure.


Wunderlich R1200GS rear splash guard / shock absorber protector


Author: 'Bullwinkle' 29/09/2005 updated 08/01/2007
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Inexpensive Rear Fender Fix  (external link)


Even before I picked up my R12GS, I knew that something needed to be done to finish off the front half of the rear fender. I had an idea from looking at the bike in the showroom, but have since finished the installation. I thought some of you may be interested in some of my ideas...

I had an old aftermarket front fender off a dirt bike that I sawed in three pieces...

Old mudguard / front fender for DIT R1200GS splash guard

The fat front part is a little wider than the rear tyre, so I thought it could be bolted on as the front half of my new rear fender.

DIY R1200GS rear shock protector / splash guard

As it turned out, the curvature was perfect and it fit with clearance to the tyre.

R1200GS alternative to a hugger

And it lightly rests against the plastic shock shroud.

R1200Gs rear shock absorber protection

The finished product works well, and isn't objectionable looking.

R1200Gs rear shock absorber protection / splash guard

Oh yeah, the back half of the dirt bike fender got trimmed down to make a front fender extender...

R1200Gs front fender extender (extenda)


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