Multistrada 1200, BMW R1200GS and Yamaha XT1200Z Super Ténéré comparison

Update: there have been several similar comparisons over the last couple of years or so: multistrada 1200 comparedmultistrada 1200 comparisonmultistrada 1200 group test

The Longest Day 2010 - Ducati Multistrada 1200 Sport vs BMW R 1200 GS Adventure vs Yamaha XT1200Z Super Ténéré

We didn’t just ride to the local roundabout and back, either. To test these bikes, and ourselves, to the limit, we rode all three from Land’s End to John O’Groats – and back again – without stopping for anything but fuel and grub. 1,703.5 miles in 30hrs 4mins.

We also used the test to see how Dunlop’s Roadsmart coped with three different bikes, and the longest laden head cycle they’re ever likely to be subjected to. And boy did they do well…

"Hindsight might suggest that, no matter how far we chose to ride them, the outcome of our labours was always going to favour the incumbent El Presidente. Hindsight would be toying with your will to believe in change, though...."

"We loved the old Multistrada, and we love the new one, too. But far from forcing its way into the GS’s niche and beating it at its own game, the Duke is still out there on a limb, not quite belonging in any camp. The frenetic focus of that motor sets it apart, as does the combination of classic trailie attitude, married to a sportsbike-esque chassis and rims.The chain drive, while attractively comfortable, is impractical in this application, as is the tank range, flimsy luggage, and lack of rugged crashability. It’s nay cheap, either. It’s a fabulous bike in many senses, assuming it answers your needs, but a GS-beater?"

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MTS1200, R1200GS & XT1200Z compared

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