Ducati Multistrada 1200 Rocky Mountains Ride

Not a Multistrada 1200 bike test or review but I just had to include this photo set somewhere! :-)

Multistrada 1200 - Some Break-in Pics Up High
By Ducati.MS member 'sfarson' 29May2010

I let the Testastretta 11 move me up high (literally and figuratively) for a lonely picnic lunch in the Mt. Evans area. Yeah, what can I say, I kinda like grabbing a picnic table, a newspaper, and staying outside while I munch away. So I stopped at a convenience store along the way, threw the sack of consumables in the saddle bag, and proceeded to climb 3,000 feet higher while losing only 20 degrees of fahrenheit (82f to 62f).

First pause was at Juniper Pass. The white kinda goes with the backdrop eh?...

White Multistrada 1200 against white snow capped mountains backdrop

Now, I could note the reason I chose this pearly white color was Ducati red is already in the barn here, or black tends to be tan with the dirt roads I live on, or the white goes well with the snow and clouds, but the real reason I chose white was how it goes with the poster sized like temp tag I'll be scooting around with for a couple of weeks! That huge aspen grove behind the bike won't be putting on its clothes of springtime leaves for another week or so...

White Multistrada 1200 against Rocky Mountains backdrop

The next stop is Echo Lake, and this is the way to get there...

White Multistrada 1200 - Rocky Mountains roads

The sister peaks of 14,264ft. Mt. Evans are the sentinels to the south here. Winter bravely tries to hold on here, but there are cracks in the defense, and the short summer up here has the momentum...

White Multistrada 1200 - Echo Lake, Rocky Mountains

So I descend about a thousand feet where the National Forest has a picnic area called Ponder Point. I find my favorite table, lay out the news of the day, nibble some, and well... ponder. What a special bike. I'm especially struck by its light and nimble handling, with a leashed, monster engine asking you to let it run a little more free...

White Multistrada 1200 Rocky Mountains ride - nice spot to stop!

But the pondering is interrupted when someone else on a booming Ducati decides to do the same... take an Italian thoroughbred on a lonely and twisting circuit. I suppose many of you can relate, eh? Congrats on the MTS 1200!

White Multistrada 1200 Rocky Mountains ride - looks like a nice curve!

[Andy] Wish I had somewhere to ride like that on my doorstep! (mind you, I don't get snowed in for months on end;-)

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