ProjectVND Custom Aluminium Box Cases / Panniers for BMW Motorcycles

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Custom motorcycle luggage - boxes, cases, panniers
Motorcycle luggage - aluminium cases - aluminium pannier system

WorldBeater panniers - Aluminium Cases & Aluminium Pannier Systems
Motorcycle luggage fit for round the world travel!

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When you ordered panniers in the past you had just two choices. TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT. Manufacturers and dealers just sold you what they had made thousands of with no option for personal choices at all.

Vern has ripped up the rule book, when it comes to ordering your panniers. NOW, YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT. The choice is yours on the overall size of your panniers. The lids have been designed in the same way, the choice is yours, you can have “high” lids or “low” lids, or anything in between the two, the choice is massive, and entirely up to you...[more]

Custom luggage cases and pannier systems

 Aluminium side cases / panniers

MATERIALS & CONSTRUCTION - Worldbeater pannier systems are made individually to your specification.
Production does not start until you have decided exactly what you want. This might not be the fastest way for you to get a luggage system but it has to be the best as you get exactly what you want! No other company offers a service anything like this.
The actual pannier bodies and lids are made from a very high quality aluminium (5251/H22. NS4). This is the ideal aluminium for fabrications of this sort as it is incredibly strong, light and works well when folded....[more]

Vern uses the same process making these panniers as he has used and developed in over twenty years of metal fabrication in the aircraft and motorsport trade....quality construction, built to last, TOUGH!

The brief was simple, to make a set of panniers that were secure, water proof, tough and spacious enough for a world trip. He returned, after three and a half years on the road and I was amazed to see my panniers were still intact and still securely mounted on his bike. They were severely dented, scratched and generally showing signs of three and a half years of constant use including many accidents and tumbles. But they still remained totally water proof, dust proof, and secure, even after being attacked by thieves three times on his journey.

The panniers were eventually sold separately from the bike, and are believed to be still being used by a dispatch rider in London, twelve years after I made them!

BMW luggage system cases

Another benefit of the ProjectVND bespoke cases is that should you decide at some stage that you want to change your system in some way, for example fit lower or higher lids or change the colour, then that can be arranged as well. There really is no limit to what Vern can do for you. Just ask!

Contact Vern for a chat about your requirements:

Project VND
Golborne Bridge Farm
Whitchurch Road
Milton Green

Tel: 01829 771040
Mobile: 07905 802663


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Worldwide travel - world beater panniers

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