A Day Out In Devon

A biker goes for a ride on his motorcycle in the lovely devon countryside but is somewhat annoyed by the lack of respect from other road users......

SMIDSY........a Bikers revenge. SMIDSY, an acronym used all too often by motorcyclists for the now infamous words uttered by so many car drivers (other vehicle drivers) - "Sorry mate I didn't see you" Here's a great movie done by one of the guys from a local IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) group for Devon County Council's motorcycle safety campaign. It should appear on TV to get the message across to other road users that 'look' but dont see!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In 2003, Devon County Council launched its Bringing Bikers Out of the Blindspot campaign. The consultation was to gain the views of bikers on the campaign and what other areas they would like to be taken into consideration....

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