ACCELERATOR - The extra boost your BMW boxer engine needs!

BMW Boxer engine increased performance (power, smoothness, general rideability)

Improve the performance (rideability, 'power' and smoothness of running) of your BMW Boxer engine with "Accelerator" - inexpensive (just €32 as at Feb2010), quick and easy to fit and EFFECTIVE!

Versions of the Accelerator are available for the Boxer engined series of BMW motorcycles: R850R, R1150GS, R1150R, R1200GS, R1200R, 1200ST & other models

Scroll down for details of what "Accelerator" is and how/why it works

BMW motorcycle improved performance Dont't beleive it! ~ Does it really work?!
I'm not a mind reader but I can guess what you're thinking right now (I'm a natural born cynic myself! [AndyW]) but with more than 500 sales to date
(Oct2009-Feb2010) and dozens of customer feedback comments like these, the evidence speaks for itself:

It turned up this morning, ordered Sunday night. Not bad from Belgium. 10 minutes to fit, with the wife mouthing off holding the umbrella in the rain. And more than 5 of that was removing the front seat! ukGSer 'Trevor Phillips' 25Feb2010

I have a standard 06 R1200GS with the module fitted. When I bought the bike I was a little surprised at how lumpy it could be at low revs, post fitting the module it certainly made a positive difference to the ride. I thought it was a good investment and has certainly improved the rideability around town. ukGSer 'Snow White' 15Feb2010

I bought a very low mileage standard 2006 GS in December and after two weeks was thinking I'd made a serious mistake. The throttle response was deadful, very snatchy and jerky, but before putting it up for sale I thought it was worth investing 29 Euros and giving the accelerator module a try. I fitted it just before Christmas and it was like a different bike.
In mid January I set off to the South of Italy and back via Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica, about 4000 miles in all, in temperatures ranging from -4C to +20C and altitudes between sea level and 5000 feet,and quite honestly the bike was a joy to ride. I briefly swapped bikes with a friend with a 2009 GS without a module, we both agreed mine was far nicer to ride and he was going to order one as soon as he got back. MPG for the two was almost identical over the whole trip. The best 29 Euros I've ever spent.
ukGSer chris22252 13Feb2010

I fitted one to my 08 gs1200,best 28£ I ever spent,with the traction control off,it wants to lift the front in second gear on hard acelleration.I do believe they have gone up in price 'cos of the euro but still mega value for money ukGSer 'Sutty' 13Feb2010

I'm just in from my first decent ride on the 1150 this year, and first decent ride since fitting the Accelerator. Now, I dont know if its because I havn't been out on dry roads for a while, I dont know if its because I recently fitted the gorgeous full Laser race system... or if it is because of the Accelerator module but what a difference !!
Up to 100+ seamlessly and effortlessly. No flat spots or waiting for the engine to catch-up with my throttle hand. It even felt smoooother....Hopefully it was that small (easily fitted) bit of wire (Accelerator).
ukGSer 'Den' 13Feb2010

More feedback/comments on the "Accelerator" website

The full discussion, feedback and comments on the ukGSer forum 
(26 pages to date, 28Feb2010)

For more information and to order (€32 as at Feb2010) visit:

Accelerator - What is it and how does it work?
Due to the stricter environmental standards (EURO-3), motorcycle engines are designed with stricter CO2 emission controls which have the side effect of adversly affecting performance. This means in practice that the fuel mixture is often 'lean' (less than ideal amount of fuel). In other words, the proportion of air versus the share of fuel is adjusted to meet emmissions regulations rather than for best engine performance / power output. This ratio is in practice around 14.5:1, while a ratio of 13:1 would be a more optimal air/fuel ratio for better performance.

The results in a particularly noticeable  power dip within the rev range that emmissions tests are carried out within and for BMW boxer engines this phenomenon to some extent exagerated as the combustion chambers are large compared to a 4-cylinder engine. BMW has already given some thought to this 'problem' by implementing a dual ignition system, the so called Twin-Spark, to deal with the 'lean' fuel mixture.

The ACCELERATOR module is the additional answer on this issue and is an add-on
product that adjusts the fuel mixture ratio for a more optimum ratio during
acceleration of the engine. This creates smoother power delivery throughout the whole rpm range! (particularly noticeable at much lower rpm’s compared to the default configuration where many owners experience a snatchy/"on-off" throttle response). The engine picks up faster and runs smoother. A clear improvement of the faster throttle response is immediately observed. [more]


The Accelerator is a 'Plug-n-Play' module which you can install in less than 5 minutes.
No wire cutting needed!
You can always go back to your original engine configuration.
There are no ECU fault codes generated!

Improved smoothness of your BMW boxer engine, smoother throttle response and more power (even at very low rpm’s)

Importantly, the ACCELERATOR module is far cheaper than any similar product on the market such as the “POWER FRK MODULE” or the “OPTIMIZER” and with equal or better performance results.

BMW boxer engine improved performance / power e.g. R1200GS

Here's copies of the fitting instruction for the R1200GS and the R1200GSA so you can see just how easy fitting is ;-)
BMW R1200GS 'Accelerator' Installation Instructions
BMW R1200GS Adventure 'Accelerator' Installation Instructions

For more information and to order (€32 as at Feb2010) visit:

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