R1200GS Electrics - Modifications & Accessory Installation

R1200Gs wiring diagram - electrics, electrical components

Usual disclaimer - mess with your motorcycle electrics, without knowing what you're doing, at your peril! :-)
Always refer to the relevant manufacturers instructions and/or BMW workshop manual - usual warnings apply! Disclaimer

See also: Motorcycle Electrics, FAQ and 'how to'

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R1200GS Wiring Diagram (external link 2.67mb .pdf file)
(pre 2008 R1200GS / GSA models - CARE: there may be slight variations year on year)

R1200GS Battery Care & Info

Jump Starting Your R1200GS (Flat battery)

BMW R1200GS (R1200) motorcycle CANbus system

BMW OEM Alarm Programming

Additional auxiliary power sockets

Autocom Installation in Top Box  (page in the R1200GS DIY Mods section)

R1200GS DIY Modifications

DIY Accessory Socket & Switch Panel

BMW EWS – Electronic Immobilizer on CAN-bus BMW motorcycles
What is the EWS? EWS failure work-around

R1200GS failed fuel pump controllers (prevention and work-around in case of failure)

Fuel Pump Controller Bypass (instructions on making a very neat FPC bypass lead)

GPS Sat Nav Power Connection

GPS SatNav Power Connection (2)  (alternative/temp or 'cheapskates' version:-)

R1200GS Lights / Spotlights

Stebel Magnum Horn Install

Waterproof Your Rear Light Electrics!


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