R1200GS Lights / Spotlights

R1200GS light conversions and additional lights (spot lights) installation

Usual disclaimer - mess with your motorcycle electrics, without knowing what you're doing, at your peril! :-)
CAUTION: the installation of additional lights may not meet regulations/legislation requirements in some countries.

Please note that I (AndyW / Motorcycle Info Pages) don't manufacture or sell any products. Try some searches (e.g. GS, R1200GS spotlights, spot lights, aux lights, auxiliary lights, foglights, driving lights and so on;-)  on or other motorcycle forums for recommended suppliers and/or post your enquiry there.
A few example topics that may be of interest:
Is it worth fitting 50w HID's rather than 35w in Hella FF50's

Let's See Your Aux Lightings & Ideas

HID Conversion on a 12GS (pictorial)

Be seen! - BikeVis motorcycle LED lights and spotlights
BikeVis Bullet LED Motorcycle Lights - unique, award winning motorcycle running lights....BE SEEN! - BikeVis, stockist for  Vision X Solstice Spotlights

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HID Lights - Introduction
Definition of HID - How HID lights work - What bulb types are suitable for conversion? - H7 Bulbs: the most common bulb - H1 and H3 bulbs - 50watt vs 35 watt

HID Lighting - Installation Guide
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HID Ballast location examples (R1200GS / R1200GSA)
HID Ballast Mounting Brackets
Converting Other Lights (Fog lights & driving lights conversions)

HID Conversion on the R1200GS
After many many promises, I decided to do a short pictorial on how to install a set of HID lights in my R1200GS. This pictorial is done with lots of extra parts removed for clarity. I wont be telling you what tools to use, or torques. This type of pictorial doesn’t lend itself well to it, but you should easily be able to do what I did.

BTBR Light Fitting Service
R1200GS Motorcycle Spotlights (Spot Lights) / Driving Lamps / Fog Lights / Auxiliary Lights  (See and be seen:-)

Hella FF50 Spotlights - R1200GS Engine Bar Mounting

R1200GS 'Motolights'
Motolights riding lights R1200GS installation

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