Abba Sky Lift - the ultimate motorcycle lift

Abba Motorcycle workshop equipment, lifts & stands 

The ultimate combined bike stand and lift available for a large
range of motorcycle models from most amnufacturers
Aprilia ~ BMW ~ Ducati ~ Honda ~ Kawasaki ~ KTM
Motto Guzzi ~ Suzuki ~ Triumph ~ Yamaha

Abba Sky Lift, Motorcycle Lift / Stand

The ultimate motorcycle lift! The Abba Sky Lift can be fitted to virtually all sports and race rep motorcycles, using the same proven fitting kit system that has been in use with other abba products for over 20 years.

Abba Sky Lift - the ultimate motorcycle lift / stand

This versatile one person operation lift allows the user to raise your bike safely in 3 completely different positions giving you total flexibility when lifting your bike. With its built in CE approved hydraulic pump the Sky Lift will raise your bike to a more than comfortable working height allowing easy access to every part of the motorcycle.

See the demonstration videos below.

Abba Sky Lift - the ultimate motorcycle lift / stand

The Hydraulic ram is rated at 3 Ton lifting capacity. So, as motorcycles weigh in at around 200 -350kg on average the ram is doing far less work than its designed for - you might say that our bike lift is 'over engineered' bad thing :-)
The ram is also CE approved.

One Lift, three positions...

  • The Horizontal lifting position allows you to simply raise the bike with both wheels level.
  • The Rear wheel high (stoppie position) is perfect for working on the rear end of the bike and allows access to area's on your bike you would have struggled to get to before.
  • The Front wheel high ( wheelie position) will raise the bikes front wheel to around eye level taking the back ache out of front end maintenance and cleaning. (Note: Bobbin adapter required to lift in this position)

Lock your bike into any of three positions making
access to any area of your bike a doddle

There's a lock for safety and to ensure your bike stays at the chosen height without relying on the hydraulic system, Once lifted your bike can be moved around on the Skylift with minimal effort as the stand's frame is on wheels.

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Tel:  01245 322331 (option 1)


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