R1200GS DIY mudflap & side panels

R1200GS Battery tray, rear shock and rider protection DIY style


Author: 'Colin O' 26/11/2004
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Rear flap & side panels DIY instructions  (external link)

This is how to make and fit a rear flap to protect the battery and back of the engine area and side panels for under the seat to prevent road spray reaching the rider.

I fitted this mudflap as a temporary measure while I was waiting for the Motorrad Concepts hugger. Now production of the hugger has stopped the flap will have to stay for a while longer!

R1200GS mudflap

Above is a shot from the rear of the bike showing the added mudflap. The dimensions and sketch for the pieces are shown in a separate drawing below (right click the image and select Save target As to download a larger version).

Drawings for mudflaps and side panels

The flap is attached to the toolbox tray as shown below.

Attaching mud flap

On the RH side a slot has to be cut to accommodate the bracket. (Here the brake fluid reservoir has been moved out of the way.) The rubber used was given to me by a friend, I understand it is rubber belting which is used on conveyor lines, but maybe cheap rubber car mats would do the job.

Mudflap cut to shape

The flap has cut the amount of spray by about 90%. The next step is to fill in the gaps under the seat, the photo below shows cardboard template in place.

Templates for R1200GS side panels

And below are the two side fill in pieces ready to fit. Cut outs are needed to access the 12v accessory power socket and clear various obstructions.

R1200GS splash guard side panels ready to fit

Here is the view from underneath with the panels attached with cable ties.

Side panels fitted

And a shot of the other side.

Rider side panel spray protectors

The view from above, cable ties arrowed. The rubber can just be seen sandwiched between the toolbox and frame. Following are some more shots showing the fitting method / cable tie attachments...

R1200GS splash guards top view

R1200GS left hand rider splash guard

R1200GS right hand rider splash guard

Job finished!
And the purpose of the keep the bike (particularly the rear shock absorber and battery area) and rider a little cleaner! :-)

Dirty R1200GS!


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