RSS on Motorcycle Info Pages

Our RSS feed can be downloaded here.

What is RSS?

RSS is a technology that helps you keep track of changes on your favorite sites. If you are browsing the internet using Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox, then you can start using RSS now! Alternatively you can also browse RSS feeds using an RSS Aggregator.

If your browser support RSS, then a small icon similar to this one: has appeared in your URL bar (see Fig.1). Clicking on it will add the Motorcycle Info Pages RSS feed to your browser and will automatically retrieve the 15 (if available) latest news stories from our site.

Fig.1: Adding an RSS feed via your browser.

From time to time, your browser will go and check for new items, and depending on your settings, will alert you of any update on our site. It's an easy and convenient way of keeping up to date with Motorcycle Info Pages.

RSS aggregators

If your browser does not support RSS, you should download or sign up for an RSS aggregator. Aggregators usually track and and help you organize hundreds of different feeds. Popular RSS aggregators include RSS Reader or Bloglines. There are many free options available and we encourage you to spend a bit of time trying out software before settling for one.

Fig.2: An example of RSS aggregator software.