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R1200GS Torque Values
"These descriptions and torque values (in Newton-Meters) are taken directly from the BMW REP-ROM for the 2005 model R1200GS (a CD-ROM provided to BMW dealers). The conversions to foot-pounds were done by a Perl script I wrote to multiply the Nm values by 0.738 to produce a ft-lb equivalent (with rounding up or down to the nearest integer value).

Apparently, in the past, BMW has printed some incorrect conversions for Nm to ft-lbs, and some of those have been repeated in other publications (including Clymers and Haynes manuals). If the Nm numbers from the REP-ROM are correct, and I have every reason to believe they are, then the ft-lb conversions shown below are also correct. The safest course, I believe, is to use a torque wrench calibrated in Newton-meters. Then there is no uncertainty."

Apr2007: I've saved the above web page for download:
R1200GS Torque Values (Exel spreadsheet 45kb) or
R1200GS Torque Values (.mht web archive single file 41kb)

R1200GS Wiring Diagram (2.67mb .pdf file)
R1200GS wiring diagrams, electrics schematics and specifications (Care: there may be variations with the latest 1200GS models)

R1200GS Maintenance Schedules (127kb .pdf file)
(Services: 600m/1000km ~ 6000m/10000km ~ Annual Inspection ~ 12000m/20000km)

BMW R1200GS Alarm manual (scanned to .pdf file)
R1200GS_Alarm_1-13_Binder1A.pdf (551kb)

BMW Warranty Policy Handbook (Extended Warranty) V.02.2008

R1200GS Recalls - VOSA has details for the UK, NHTSA is US equivalent:
Search VOSA Recalls data
Search NHTSA Recalls & Defects Data
R1200GS NHTSA Recalls (USA)
(external link to page on
(interesting but check with you BMW Motorcycle Dealer!)

Hepco & Becker Engine Bars Fitting Instructions  468kb .pdf file
Hepco & Becker GSA Upper Bars Fitting Instructions  378kb .pdf file
(German I'm afraid - I'll repost as soon as I get a decent translation)

BMW R1200GS Registry
The R12GS Registry (one of a bunch of Registries at is a resource for owners of, and motorcyclists interested in, the BMW R1200GS adventure touring twins. It contains information about mileage, accessories, modifications, problems & fixes, owner's email addresses, photos, etc. It may be updated in realtime by R12GS owners, so it is always as current as the bike's owners want it to be.


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