Choosing a Motorcycle GPS Sat Nav System

Motorcycle GPS Systems - Which SatNav for your motorcycle?
If you're the type that likes to explore new places and see new things on your motorcycle, a GPS SatNav system can help you find your way.

Choosing a motorcycle GPS system - which motorcycle SatNav?

A good GPS will tell you how far you have to go, how long it will take you to get there and how to avoid traffic along the way. You can plan your entire trip with a GPS, including food and fuel stops, lodging and so on. A GPS can make your trip a whole lot easier and less stressful.

If you want a dedicated motorcycle GPS i.e. a Sat Nav system designed specifically for use on motorcycles the choice is limited! As far as I can see (March2010) only Garmin and TomTom produce GPS Sat Nav models made specifically for motorcycling (i.e. rugged enough, waterproof, with motorcycle mounting systems, glove friendly buttons etc). See below for the current motorcycle GPS SatNav system offerings from Garmin and TomTom.

Motorcycle satnavs like Garmin's Zumo550 and 660 are not just limited to use on the bike - the car mount supplied with the 550 has a built in speaker and the 660 has it's own internal speaker so they're easily transferred to use in your car. With the TomTom Rider you have to buy their car mount with speaker as a separate item.

Motorcycle dedicated GPS Sat Nav systems are expensive in comparison to the equivalent in-car navigation systems - if you're on a budget you might consider using a cheaper system and mounting it in a waterproof housing e.g. RAM Aqua Box...

RAM Aqua Box (AquaBox) waterproof motorcycle GPS Sat Nav housing / mount

or Givi make a GPS universal holder (product S850)  which enables the use of the most widespread GPS models available for cars on a motorcycle.

Givi S850 waterproof universal motorcycle GPS SatNav holder

Search biking forums like or for alternative methods.

Of course if you want audio navigation instructions you'll also need to either buy appropriate audio leads and headset for your helmet or a Bluetooth headset if the GPS unit you use is Bluetooth enabled.
So, this sort of approach may not be as economical as you may think - a good idea for making use of a car GPS Sat Nav system you already have but if you're starting from scratch it really is worth paying out for a dedicated motorcycle GPS system.

Motorcycle GPS SatNav Systems


    Garmin Motorcycle Sat Navs
Garmin Zumo 220 Motorcycle GPS   z??mo® 220 - Bluetooth headset compatibility, lane assist, photo navigation, Where am I?, speaks street names, optional FM traffic alerts, preloaded street maps for North America, waterproof, battery, motorcycle-friendly
Garmin Zumo 550 Motorcycle GPS   z??mo® 550 - Motorcycle-friendly design, preloaded street maps, full coverage, optional FM traffic alerts, Bluetooth wireless technology for hands-free calling and navigation, TMC compatible, speaks street names, additional automotive mount included for car use
Garmin Zumo 660 Motorcycle GPS   z??mo® 660 - widescreen, lane assist, 3-D building view, photo navigation, Where am I?, Bluetooth® wireless, speaks street names, optional FM traffic alerts, preloaded street maps for North America, waterproof, battery, motorcycle-friendly
    Discontinued: Garmin StreetPilot and Garmin Quest
    TomTom Rider Motorcycle GPS Systems
TomTom Rider Motorcycle GPS   TomTom Rider 2nd Edition - the bikers navigator: • Plug & go - Works straight out of the box • 3.5" glove-friendly touch screen • Map Share™ technology - daily map updates • Latest map guarantee of Western Europe • Secure RAM mount • Cardo® helmet connection
    Discontinued: TomTom Rider (v1)


If you ride a motorcycle and are planning to purchase a GPS system, here are some links to tips to help you choose the GPS system that's best for you:

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