ILP 'D003 Blaster' Motorcycle Dryer

ILP electronics motorcycle dryers ILP 'D003 Blaster' Motorcycle Dryer
from ILP Electronics

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Warm air blowers are the ideal quick and safe drying tool for motorcycles. The 'D003 Blaster'...

ILP electronics D003 Blaster motorcycle dryer
  • quickly drys all surfaces without leaving water spots 
  • eliminates the potential for marking / scratching paintwork & plastics which you risk with conventional drying methods 
  • drives water from seams, nooks / crannies and areas usually impossible to reach

Heated filtered air delivered at 25 or 50 metres/second!

The 'D003 Blaster' is completely safe for all your paint,chrome and plastic finishes and the ideal solution where there's the need to garage / put your motorcycle away as dry as possible. Especially useful when after a winter wash your bike may not be used again for some time.

Incorporating an easy clean airfilter that filters air before powering it through to your bike ensuring only clean dust free air is being used to blast the water and moisture off your bike.

The 'D003 Blaster' comes pre-wired with an RCD circuit breaker for your safety.
When you are using Electrical Equipment Outdoors you are in 'earth' contact with the ground especially when it is Wet.  Don't create your own Bolt of Lightening!
An RCD is a potential Life-Saving device that protects against Dangerous Electric Shock! The RCD (Residual Current Device) is an integral part of the D003 and Simply plugs into a 13Amp Socket.

RCDs Explained - see here.

Electric motorcycle dryer safety - RCD incorporated

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The D003 Blaster is the quickest and most efficient method to dry motorcycles thoroughly eliminating trapped water in nooks and crannies and water spots on painted, chrome or plastic surfaces.

The D003 Blaster comes with a 2 year Guarantee and is CE certified

Features / Specifications

High Velocity and Temperature Output

Hot and Cold Air with 2 Levels Hot Hi & Low

Output 800-2400 Watts

Switched Velocity 25m/second & 50m/second

Switched 950 Watt Heater Temperature 30 Centigrade to 70 Centigrade

Low Noise 75dB

Supplied with 2 Spare Filters

Solid Steel Case -  Weight 5 Kilos

Supplied with Easy Lock Flexible 1 Metre (2.5m Stretched) Hose

3 Nozzles for all applications

ILP eBay Store

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