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Bike Magazine R1200GS Tyre Test - Adventure Sports road tyres tested (09/2008)
Test 'winner' for the R1200GS: Bridgestone Battlax BT-020 / BT-021 combination

Rider Power Survey 2008 - your favourite tyres as voted for in the survey run by Ride magazine. (data not specific to the R1200GS)

Bike Magazine Tyre Review - Sports Touring tyres tested (06/2008)

Bike Magazine article - R1200GS road and dual purpose tyre tests (06/2007)

Ride Magazine article - Choosing the correct type/classification of tyre (06/2006)

Links - R1200GS / R1200GSA tyre discussions

Bike Magazine tyre tests - R1200GS tyre reviews


"The Best Tyres for Big Trailies"
Road tyre tests by Bike Magazine June2007 (Track and road based testing of road tyres)

"Is it best to go with something vaguely knobbly or if you never leave tarmac, is a road tyre a wiser choice of rubber?"

"Amazingly no-one's ever done a test to find which tyres work best on the increasingly popular giant trailies. Two test riders, a diatalogger, ten pairs of tyres and two R1200GS BMWs......"

Click the thumbnail images below to view each page of the tyre test report.

Here's a summary of their results:

Track Test Results:
Winner: (Continental) ContiRoad Attack
Dual Purpose Winner: Dunlop D607 Trailmax
Fastest on the Track: Avon Storm ST (front) & Avon Azaro (rear)
Slowest Track Time: Michelin Anakee

Road Test Results:
Conti Road Attack – 9/10
Bridgestone BT-020 – 8.5/10
Avon AM34/44 Distanzia – 8/10
Dunlop D607 Trailmax – 8/10
Michelin Pilot Road – 7/10
Metzler Tourance – 6.5/10
Pirelli Scorpion Sync – 6.5/10
Bridgestone Battle Wing – 6.5/10
Michelin Anakee – 6/10
Avon AV45-ST/AV56 Storm ST – 9/10 (however tyre tore during test)

Bike mag - R1200GS tyre tests / review 1

Bike mag - R1200GS tyre tests / review 2

Bike mag - R1200GS tyre tests / review 3

Bike mag - R1200GS tyre tests / review 4

Bike mag - R1200GS tyre tests / review 5

Bike mag - R1200GS tyre tests / review 6

Ride Magazine June2006 - Trail Bike Tyre Guide

"Whether it's adventure sports or pure off-road, we'll help you choose the right trailie rubber" Check out the charts to compare the tyres available from the different manufacturers in the following classifications: Pure Road, On / Off Road (Dual purpose), Serious Trail Riding, Enduro Competition.

Ride Magazine - choose the right tyre 'type' 1

Ride Magazine - choose the right tyre 'type' 2

R1200GS / R1200GSA (Alloy wheels & spoked wheels) - tyre specs:

Extract from the BMW R1200GS R1200GSA workshop manual

NB: Tyres (aka tires :-) is one of those subjects that will crop up again and again. If you follow any of the links below, remember to use the search facility on the hosting forum to see the latest discussions.

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R1200GS Tire Change Pictorial

...that's just a few links to the many discussions on the subject of tyre fitment, recommended tyres and so on for the R1200GS and R1200GS Adventure (R1200GSA). Use the forum Search facility ;-)
NB: US citizens - tire / tires = tyre / tyres

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