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Whilst the R1200GS Gallery Pages are still in place on this site for the time being (until I have time to move the photos and images) quite some time ago now I started using SmugMug for the additional features and facilities available there.

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SmugMug R1200GS Photo Collections here
Currently there are 36 BMW / R1200GS galleries with around 2000 photos and other images! (Jan 2010). The BMW R1200GS photo and image galleries, to name just a few, include:

R1200GS & BMW Motorcycle Photo Collection Galleries
R1200GS (and HP2) Motorcycles
Creative & Scenic Photos - BMW Motorcycles
Girls ride R1200GS's too!
R1200GS Trackday & Stunt Photos
R1200GS Offroad
BMW R1200GS and 'Celebrities'
R1200GS Schematics & Diagrams
R1200GS & Other BMW Girls :-) (some NSFW!) - "We make killer video from your images...automatically!"
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Motorcycle Info Pages R1200GS Promo (made with Animoto)

I have also started a collection of R1200GS related video clips and movies HERE

A few other resources on SmugMug where you'll find BMW GS and R1200GS photos:

If you already have a SmugMug account you can include any R1200GS photo galleries you have to the R1200GS Motorcycles community HERE

Unlimited photo storage and sharing - FREE Trial of SmugMug
When signing up for SmugMug enter the following code for a DISCOUNT! :-)


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